Our story

Our mission: is to offer a new life for the unique items we find, reduce waste and preserve our history and our planet - one item at a time.

How we started: I was living on and restoring an old wood boat In the summer of 2014. Unexpectedly I was gifted a large lot of antique linens and other vintage items from a family estate. Having nowhere to put the items I stowed them in the aft cabin. At the end of a short but glorious New England summer I knew it was time to do something with all the stuff before I hauled the boat, so I started The Aft Cabin on Etsy to find new homes for the linens. That was ten years ago. I no longer have the boat, but I am now part of a thriving community of vintage resellers passionate about preserving our history and our planet.

Our items: We believe every item we offer has a unique story to tell. We make it possible for you to continue that story by adding your own history. We work daily rescuing family heirlooms, discovering flea market finds and digging for unwanted items in attics and basements, then we uncover the fascinating truths about the things we find. And offer them to fresh new owners - like you!